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If you are in the process of looking for diamond rings and wish to purchase something truly distinctive, salt and pepper rings may well be ideal for your needs. Salt and pepper diamond rings are noted for their ability to stand out from the crowd. Although they were once regarded as undesirable, they have grown in popularity over time. More and more brides are now opting for salt and pepper engagement rings, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.


Almost all these diamonds have imperfections, inclusions and flaws. This is not normally regarded as a negative thing as it ensures your diamonds are truly unique. Inclusions can come in various colours, with all sorts of imperfections shapes and sizes being seen on diamond rings. The most common colours are black and white. Salt and pepper diamonds usually have a high number of inclusions and flaws, including cracks, chips, spots and feathers. The ‘salt’ part of the name refers to white inclusions, with pepper being used to describe the black inclusions. These diamonds have more flaws and less purity than conventional diamonds, but the fact that no two diamonds are ever identical is a big draw for many people.


People also appreciate the way that salt and pepper diamonds come in various shades, ranging from very dark to light and even white. Some people even prefer the speckles of salt and pepper diamonds over the sparkle of costlier options. Flaws can range from tiny to large. The shape and size of the stone determine how many inclusions are present in a salt and pepper diamond. Black inclusions tend to be more noticeable than their white counterparts and consist of sulphide and graphite.


Another difference between salt and pepper diamonds and normal diamonds is that that they are not graded, which means the 4 C’s are irrelevant. Salt and pepper diamonds also tend to be popular with people that care deeply about the environment. The way the diamonds are mined is less harmful to the environment, with the diamonds themselves not having any impact on it at all. When diamonds are mined, large amounts of rock and soil are extracted from the ground so small deposits can be found. When these have been sourced, they are sent to ore processing facilities so rough diamonds can be extracted. Before your diamonds are added to your rings, they are sorted, sold, cut and polished.


Another great reason for purchasing salt and pepper diamonds is that they are ideal for those on a budget. Of course, most people would like to opt for the most elegant, luxurious and expensive diamonds on the market, but salt and pepper diamonds allow you to source something beautiful, unique and exquisite even when funds are limited. It’s clear to see why so many people are now opting for delightfully distinctive yet affordable salt and pepper diamonds.

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Salt and pepper diamond