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Where to buy a premium quality diamond ring from 2 to 10 carat +

Reve Diamonds offers a superb collection of premium quality diamonds ranging from 2 to 10+ carat. Our diamonds are selected for their eye clean clarity, shape and color by our team of diamond experts. Every diamond that we offer is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). With this certification you will know the true qualities of your chosen diamond. You will have peace of mind that your chosen diamond has been certified according to the most stringent criteria with integrity and precision by GIA world leading diamond experts. 

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The most rare and beautiful of gems. The purchase of a 10+ carat diamond will most certainly show your love, as there is nothing quite as breathtaking and sensational as a 10 + carat diamond engagement ring.

When buying a diamond of this size, it is vital that you make your purchase from a reputable and recognized source such as Reve Diamonds to ensure that you find the most gorgeous diamond possible at the best price possible. We cannot stress this more strongly as at this carat weight the difference between a poor grade diamond and a higher quality diamond is very significant.

10+ carat diamond ring demands to be a unique piece of jewelry that is eye-clean, appears colorless, and is superbly cut. There should be no compromise for a lifeless, dull diamond. We also suggest selecting a 10+ carat diamond in the color range D to I and for clarity VS1 to SI2 (if 100% eye clean).

Reve Diamonds takes great pride in supplying the rarest and most perfect 10+ carat diamond for our valued customers, at 20-40% less than many retail stores.

We understand that for such a special purchase you may wish to buy in confidentiality. We therefore offer a private viewing at our 5th Avenue New York, Los Angeles or Dallas Texas showrooms, or if you would prefer, we can arrange a viewing at the NYC or LA diamond districts.

Viewings can also be arranged as well at one of our worldwide branches: Los Angeles - London - Hong Kong - Shanghai - Tokyo – Antwerp.


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Reve Diamonds offer their valued customers one of the largest selections of premium quality diamonds in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas Texas and the whole of the USA. We have a diamond for every taste and budget from 0.30 carat right up to the absolutely stunning 10+ carat diamonds, all of which are certified by the GIA. Not only do we hold a collection of natural loose diamonds, but we stock natural fancy colored diamonds and the finest lab-grown man made diamonds. And if you can’t find the diamond that you are looking for within our collection, please get in touch as we are happy to source diamonds, engagement rings and other pieces of jewlery to individual needs, or create a bespoke piece to your design.


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