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Of course,it is the famous 1930s marketing campaign created by De Beers, the celebrated diamond cartel, that really brought the giving of engagement rings to the fore. The campaign educated the public about the ‘4 Cs’ - cut, carat, colour, and clarity of diamonds, and launched the famous slogan - "a diamond is forever".



Most Popular Engagement Rings Styles


Engagement Ring


Black Diamond Engagement Rings


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Diamond Engagment Rings

Getting engaged can never be under estimated as one of life’s most important moments. It signifies the beginning of the next chapter of your life, a strong personal commitment to the one you love.

It shows the world that you intend to spend the rest of your days with a partner that you truly love. Traditionally, popping ‘the’question is accompanied bythe giving of an engagement ring. This tradition is believed to date back as far in history as the Ancient Egyptians. Evidenceof Egyptian men presenting their brides to be with handmade rings made from reeds, sedges, papyrus and other natural elements such as leather, bone or ivory have been discovered.

The first recorded giving of an engagement ring was by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to his fiancé Mary of Burgundy in 1477. However, it was not until the 1870's when diamonds were discovered in South Africa that diamond engagement rings became more widely available through the jewellery industry.


Choose Your Diamond Shape

The cut also determines the ‘shape’ of the diamond but cut and shape should never be confused,they are two different entities.


Round brilliant cut diamonds

This is a true classic and possibly the most popular diamond shape as it suits any setting and ring style and is completely timeless.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess cut diamond

First created in 1980, the Princess cut diamond is a square shape with a brilliant cut that gives a fresh modern look and is ...

Princess Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamond

The Cushion cut diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners (much like a pillow as its name suggests) which highlights...

Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise cut diamond

A Marquise diamond cut is a football-shaped, modified brilliant-cut. This cut will maximise the carat weight ...

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Heart cut diamond

The modified brilliant-cut Heart shaped diamond is a unique and unmistakable symbol of love.Heart shaped ....

Heart Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamond

The unique look of the Emerald cut diamond is due to the step cuts of its pavilion and its large,...

Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval cut diamond

Oval shaped diamonds can vary in length to width ratio.As the Oval diamond is a modified brilliant-cut...

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise cut diamond

The modified brilliant-cut pear-shaped diamond is a combination of a round cut diamonds and a Marquise shape,...

Pear cut diamond


For many couples choosing an engagement ring can be a minefield. However , if you understand the guidelines of the ‘4 Cs’ which is a universally accepted method for assessing the quality of a diamond, finding the perfect diamond engagement ring will become a lot easier:



This creates the sparkle and brilliance that diamonds are known for by influencing the stones interaction with light. The quality of the cut of a diamond is vitally important as incorrect cutting can compromise a diamonds’ sparkle.

Diamond Cut


This measures the weight of a diamond, not the size. One carat is equal to 0.2gm or 200mgm and is divided into 100 smaller units called points i.e. three-quarters of a carat is 75 points. A diamond with a large carat weight will be most valuable due to its rarity.

Diamond Carat


This measures the number of imperfections, called ‘inclusions',in a diamond. Inclusions can affect the diamond's fire, but they are what makes each diamond unique and therefore cannot really be regarded as a fault.

Diamond Clarity


All diamonds are graded by their colour. The most valuable (and rarest) colour being white/ colourless. This is the most popular colour of diamond used for engagement rings.

Diamond Colour
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