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Diamond Pendents And Necklaces

Diamonds have been a declaration of true love for centuries and a diamond necklace is a true beauty to

behold, sophisticated, classic yet timeless - the gift of true love.



Necklaces, albeit not always encrusted in diamonds, have been an integral feature of human history as far back as 40,000 B.C. when they were first used as decoration. Just about any natural material that could be found e.g. stones, shells, wood even bones , was used to make necklaces in those early days. Whilst necklaces in early times served many purposes such as warding off evil spirits, illness etc., most often necklaces were given as tokens of affection and love as they are today.


When it comes to the history of diamond necklaces, they were originally only the property of royalty, with one of the most famous stories revolving around Napoleon Bonaparte presenting his empress, Marie-Louise, with a stunning diamond necklace as a celebration of the birth of their son. The diamond necklace has always been a rich part of the world’s history gaining worldwide attention such as the world's most expensive diamond necklace “A Heritage in Bloom” designed by Chinese master jeweller Wallace Chan unveiled in September 2015. This stunning diamond necklace is set with an incredible 11,551 diamonds weighing a total of 383.4 carats. It incorporates 24 D-colour internally flawless diamonds, all cut from a 507.55ct rough stone, including the 104ct centrepiece surrounded by jade. The spectacular necklace took more than 47,000 hours to complete and the modular design means that it can be worn in 27 different ways. It is worth a staggering $200 million.

So if you are looking for a special gift for your loved one, here at Reve Diamonds we have a selection of exquisite diamond necklaces that feature the highest quality diamonds. Each diamond necklace is set perfectly to show the stone’s unique sparkle instantly adding glamour to any outfit for a special occasion, or even making the perfect piece of bridal jewellery.

Whatever your preference in diamond cut we offer a pendant necklace to suit your tastes and budget. Whether it is the classic princess or heart cut, the more modern round or pear cut with a three or four claw setting, our wide choice of made to order diamond necklaces creates the perfect gift. Each diamond pendants is available in 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold or platinum and available on a 16 inch curb chain (0.8mm width).