Jewellery Replacement and Restoration Bespoke Service


In today’s disposable society it is all too easy to throw away a broken or damaged item and replace it with another. However, when it comes to an item of precious jewellery that has sentimental value perhaps handed down through your family over several years, given to you by a loved one, or made bespoke to commemorate a special occasion, the thought of discarding this beautiful item will not come quite so easily. Equally if an item of precious jewellery has been accidentally lost or stolen, it can be heartbreaking to have to think about replacing this especially if it was made bespoke or the design is no longer available.   

Here at Rêve Diamonds we fully appreciate how precious an item of jewellery can be to its owners, not only in terms of monetary value, but in the memories and emotions that it holds. This is the reason that we offer a jewellery restoration and replication service that is second to none. Whatever your specific requirements, the expert team at Rêve Diamonds are here to help repair your jewellery pieces restoring them to their former glory if they have been damaged, and lovingly re-creating that treasured piece if it has been lost or stolen.   

We do not send your jewellery piece off to anyone else for restoration or replication as we have all the in-house expertise that is required to carry out the work in our own jewellery workshop by our team of professional jewellery makers, goldsmiths and CAD designers dedicated to jewellery restoration and replication– it’s part of what we do best. We have a wealth of experience and can restore and replicate items of jewellery that others do not have the expertise for.   

Whether you have lost a diamond or other precious stone from your engagement ring, the shank of your ring requires repair, the claws on your jewellery need rebuilding to ensure the safety and security of your precious gemstones, the diamond replacing in a tennis bracelet necklace or a diamond necklace completely restringing, we are able to carry out all restoration work for all items of precious jewellery. 

If you have sadly lost or had stolen a treasured item of jewellery, then we are able to recreate that piece with our highly experienced replication service. Ideally if you can provide a photograph, documentation or details about your lost engagement ring, diamond necklace, bracelet or other piece of heirloom jewellery, this is very helpful and a good starting point.  However, don’t worry if you cannot provide any of these or are not sure about the exact design, shape or cut of the item lost or stolen. Our team of CAD designers will work with you even from scratch to replicate the original design to your satisfaction  

We will of course provide a written quotation and will share with you a sketch of the design of your replica jewellery that will be produced by our design team as a three-dimensional CAD image for your approval.  Once any alterations to the design have been agreed, and the final quotation which is valid for 7 days accepted, we ask for a payment after which you can relax whilst our expert team skilfully and lovingly replicate your lost or stolen piece of jewellery. Together with your guidance we will bring the design of your lost/stolen item of jewellery back to life and get the exact result that you want