Whether you love to be up to date with the latest trends, prefer timeless classic elegance did you know that the shape of the diamond within your engagement ring may reveal something about your personality and tastes?  Here we take a fun look at what some of the most popular cuts and shapes of diamond might say about you!

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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond   This classical shape is possibly the most popular choice for engagement rings, and it is not hard to see why. A round brilliant cut diamond has a sparkle to rival many other cuts. This is due to its 58 facets and 360-degree symmetrical shape which reflect and radiate light to produce a fire and brilliance that is very eye catching. The circular shape of the cut is also said to symbolise never ending love which makes it the perfect choice for an engagement ring which celebrates your love for one another. Women who favour the shape of a round brilliant cut diamond are usually traditionalists at heart, they are drawn to the dream of traditional romance, of hearts and flowers and a happy ever after. These women are somewhat conservative and like simple elegance, they hold in high esteem the values of honesty, faithfulness, and loyalty but can also be a little reluctant to accept change.

Princess Cut Diamond   Second in popularity for brides-to-be is the princess cut diamond. The princess-cut diamond is the ‘hopeless romantic’ of the shapes. It is a favourite among brides who love a combination of a classic traditionally shaped engagement ring, with the added touch of modernism. Its square cut with clean chic angles produce a sparkle which is much admired. The lady who chooses a princess cut diamond engagement ring loves traditional values but accepts change of modern times embracing all different cultural influences to have a well-rounded view of her world. As the extravagant sparkle of a princess cut diamond demands attention, so the woman who chooses to wear this cut for her engagement ring may not be afraid to be centre stage and will not shrink from the spotlight. She is happy to take risks in life and act as a leader bringing life, vitality and energy to all that she does.

Emerald Cut Diamond  Being a step cut with rectangular facets that are arranged parallel to each edge of the diamond, the emerald cut diamond is designed to draw attention to a diamond's shine with its clean cut rectangular top and chiselled corners. The Emerald cut is currently enjoying a huge revival in diamond jewelry and is now the third most popular choice of diamond for engagement rings, after the round brilliant cut and princess cut. Confidence is a must when wearing an Emerald cut diamond ring as fewer facets make this cut susceptible to revealing any flaws that the diamond may have, therefore it is a confident woman that choses this shape of diamond. Brides-to-be who favour this retro-inspired design are open to taking risks and embrace the unexpected. Some of the most glamorous of Hollywood movie stars including Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly have chosen Emerald cut diamonds as this cut is classy, sophisticated and catches attention at every turn. Modern day women who choose an Emerald cut diamond engagement ring may have a yearning towards glamour and glitz of retro times as this cut perfectly combines contemporary lines with vintage flair.

Cushion Cut Diamond  A Cushion cut diamond takes its name from the rounded corners and curved sides that make it appear softer than a princess-cut diamond but not as circular as a round brilliant cut diamond, hence the shape of a cushion.  This cut is feminine and subtle in design but is also very stylish and on trend and is the perfect cut when looking for an engagement ring that has a soft look but exudes a lot of sparkle. The lady who chooses a Cushion cut diamond engagement ring is not afraid to show her soft romantic side and her love for her partner. She craves adventure and seeks romance in all that she does, is modern yet has traditional values and is bold enough to show that to the world.

Asscher Cut Diamond  The Asscher cut (referred to as a Square Emerald) is a vintage-inspired unique shape with prismatic brilliance and a rectangular-faceted pavilion in the same style as the emerald cut. The standard number of main facets on an Asscher cut is usually 58 and it has a deep pavilion, faceted culet, high crown and small table which allows for tremendous sparkle lustre and creates a fascinating optical illusion known as the “Hall of Mirrors” effect. In recent years the Asscher cut has become very popular among the fashion-conscious crowd following Carrie Bradshaw modelling an Asscher cut engagement ring during her brief engagement  to Aidan Shaw on the worldwide hit television show ‘Sex and the City’. Women who choose an Asscher cut engagement ring are usually very self-confident and outgoing with many friends and a hectic social life. They are not afraid to both follow and define fashion trends, are sophisticated yet relaxed, and are always impeccably dressed, charming and muchg admired.

Marquise Cut Diamond  The Marquise cut diamond is named after the legend that King Louis XIV of France (the Sun King) was in search of a stone polished into the shape of the mouth of his mistress, the Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise cut diamonds are not currently one of the most fashionable of styles, but have the very big benefit that because of their shape, these diamonds often appear larger than life. This cut is therefore perfect for accentuating long, slender fingers. The shape of the stone is made to maximize carat weight, which can appeal to brides with a flair for drama. Brides-to-be that choose Marquise cut diamonds are seen as determined and strong and not afraid to ooze sex appeal.  Extroverted women chose Marquise cut diamonds that have a love for life and all things vintage and glamorous. Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s up to you to find a cut that fits you and our personality best. Think of it this way: what do you want to wear on that left hand of yours? Because it’s going to be there for a long time.