Very much like choosing clothes to flatter your particular figure and accent your best assets, it is vitally important that when choosing an engagement ring that you select the right shape and size to flatter your hand and finger shape, and this is an art in itself. Undoubtedly certain styles and cuts of engagement ring will enhance the best features of your hand and fingers and draw attention away from those that you are less keen on. To help you we have compiled a guide to assist with finding the perfect engagement ring to best enhance your hand's size and shape. Don't go shopping without reading our guide!  

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First of all be objective Before even looking at cuts, shapes and styles of diamond engagement rings you firstly need to objectively establish your hand shape, taking into account the width and length and width of your fingers as well as the overall size of your hand. Also consider carefully if you generally keep your nails long or prefer trimmed short nails. The reason for this is that longer nails naturally have an elongating effect on the fingers. Compare these factors against the shape and size of the main stone in the engagement ring and the width and style of the ring itself, and you will have a very good chance of finding the perfect engagement ring to flatter your hand. When shopping for an engagement ring be sure to allow enough time to try lots of different ring styles on your ring finger as they can often look very different on the finger compared to in the display case. Do not be afraid to ask for advice as purchasing an engagement ring is a significant investment both financially and emotionally, and hopefully this will be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase for you as a couple. Here at Rêve Diamonds we have advised thousands of engaged couples on choosing the perfect engagement ring and have seen hands of all shapes and sizes so are very happy to suggest suitable styles.   

Engagement rings for long fingers  If you are one of the lucky ones who has long fingers then you will be very pleased to hear that most styles work nicely on engagement rings for long fingers. You can go bold with dramatic designs if that suits your personality and style, or opt for a larger diamond which gives you the perfect excuse to splash out on a real eye popping engagement ring! Princess and round-cut diamonds set onto a thicker band are particularly flattering on longer fingers as wider bands tend to complement length.  

Engagement rings for short fingers  Short fingers look at their most elegant when the chosen engagement ring gives the appearance of elongating the finger no matter what the width of your fingers. Therefore look for stones with a longer shape such as oval, marquise or pear-cut stones. A narrower band will also create an illusion of length as will keeping your nails on the longer side if at all possible alongside your lifestyle. A pear cut with its rounded end and tapered point is universally flattering. It lengthens those who might be shorter in the finger and is a nice balanced shape for those with larger hands. Marquise-cut stones set vertically can also have an elongating effect on a hand as can rectangular emerald-shaped stones as long they are not so big they overwhelm. 

Engagement rings for slim fingers  If you have slender fingers avoid swamping and overpowering them. Choose an engagement ring that has smaller stones set onto a thicker band which can help to make thin fingers appear wider. If your fingers are short but slender you could look for a narrow marquise, or pear cut diamond to elongate as well as widen the finger. 

Engagement rings for wide fingers  It is important with wide fingers that the chosen engagement ring doesn’t make the fingers look even wider or show too much skin on either side of the ring. Avoid narrow stones as they will reveal too much skin on either side of the ring will further exaggerate the width of your finger. Choose larger round stones or cluster styles set onto a medium to thick band that will draw the eye in and have a slimming effect. Angular and asymmetrical shapes, like emerald-cut, wide oval, marquise or rectangular engagement rings will help to create the illusion of slimmer fingers. 

Engagement rings for big knuckles  If you feel that you have big knuckles and really do not like them then choosing the right engagement ring will draw attention away from this feature. Look at thicker, heavier bands which will draw the eye towards the ring instead of the middle of your finger. When choosing your engagement ring, always keep in mind the larger context, it is not just about your finger, but also your hand. 

Engagement rings for small hands  If you have small hands keep the diamond in proportion to your hand size by choosing a smaller round, heart or princess-cut diamond. Very delicate rings can look out of proportion on larger, longer hands, but smaller stones in any cut really flatter very small fingers. Small round, princess-cut, oval or heart-shaped stones work especially well with small hands. 

Engagement rings for big hands  For those with larger hands avoid at all costs small designs as they can look like you are wearing a toy ring! Big, bold designs are perfect for you and don’t be afraid to consider flamboyant cocktail-ring styles as you will be able to carry these off in great style. Look for larger stones in a bezel setting as these are very flattering for fleshier hands and avoid very petite, thin bands. 

Engagement rings for square hands and fingers  If your hand and fingers are square in shape, then the objective here is to soften the angular look by utilising feminine, flowing designs and gemstones with a more rounded cut. Avoid square shapes such as the princess cut and opt for round, oval or pear-cut stones. Whether you are choosing an engagement  ring together with your partner, or if you are browsing for ideas ahead of a proposal, this guide is simply intended to help you to identify the most flattering engagement ring designs for individual hand and finger shapes. There are no prescriptive rules that you have to follow and, if you have your heart set on a particular stone shape, use that as a starting point and look for the most flattering setting.