Christmas is a magical time of year, a time of joy, a time for families and friends to gather together, and a time to tell those closest to you just how much they mean to you. So why not make this Christmas one that you will remember forever by proposing to your special someone and truly putting the icing on top of their Christmas cake! If you are planning a Christmas proposal we have six romantic and charming ideas for a Christmas that are sure to make this moment unforgettable:

  • Think outside the box 
  • Pull A Christmas Cracker
  • Underneath The Mistletoe
  • Bake A Tasty Christmas Treat  
  • Sing her praises 
  • Name in Lights

As the Christmas tree is the focal point of many homes why not make your tree sparkle even more with the addition of a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Cleverly disguise your engagement ring perhaps as the centre point of the star or angel on top of your Christmas tree, within a festive box hung like a bauble or inside a custom made proposal bauble that contains your ring. Or for a more traditional approach why not hide your engagement ring with the other presents under the tree adopting the Russian doll tactic, and build up the excitement as each parcel gets smaller with your engagement ring being the last to be unwrapped.  As you get down on bended knee to make your proposal your loved one will be delighted to receive the ultimate Christmas present – your declaration of love and a stunning diamond engagement ring the whereabouts of which are revealed as you make your proposal. Christmas crackers are a traditional feature on the Christmas dinner table. Why not make your proposal in front of your friends and family over Christmas dinner – a great way to share this special moment with those that mean the most to you. Present your loved one with a Christmas cracker that when pulled, instead of a corny joke, reveals a note asking her to marry you at which point you present her with your chosen diamond engagement ring.  

Just make sure that you put the right cracker on her table place to avoid the embarrassment of asking Great Aunt Mabel to marry you! Make your traditional kiss under mistletoe more than just a kiss by hanging your engagement ring within the sprig of mistletoe. So that when you take your special someone under the mistletoe for a kiss you ask them to look up and watch their eyes light up as they realise that the will be getting so much more than a cheeky peck this Christmas! If your partner has a sweet tooth why not add a festive treat into your proposal? Make your own Christmas cake (or for those who are less skilled in the kitchen buy one) and make a hole in the centre for the engagement ring to be placed tied to a ribbon allowing your loved one to pull out the special surprise which is sure to be the icing on her cake this Christmas. Festive music is a great way to sing your loved ones praises and pop the question. There are a couple of ways that music can be part of your Christmas proposal. Firstly you could enlist the help of a local group of carol singers, a church choir, or even a few of your friends to arrive at your prospective fiancés door and serenade her before you ask her to marry you.

Alternatively taking inspiration from a well-known Christmas movie ‘Love Actually’, you could arrive at her door playing a festive tune on your smart phone, and without speaking tell your partner how much they mean to you, and ask them to marry you with the help of paper signs. The sparkle of twinkling fairy lights at Christmas is an integral part of creating that special festive atmosphere so including some lights in a Christmas proposal is a fabulous way to retain that special magical festive theme. Plus sparkling lights are not only festive but very romantic so almost guaranteed to give you a yes to your proposal! Ideas using Christmas fairy lights could include writing ‘Marry Me’ in lights across her home or another building that is special to you both. If we are lucky enough to have snow this Christmas, use candles in the snow or led garden lights to pop the question. We are sure there are many other ways that you could make your Christmas proposal special but these are just a few of our favourite ideas. And of course don’t forget that all the team here at Reve Diamonds want your proposal to be perfect and we have a wide selection of the most stunning diamond engagement rings for you to choose from to make that moment truly memorable. Have a very merry Christmas!