So you’ve decided to ask the big question and now you’re wondering “where is the best place to buy an engagement ring?” For this article, I will be focusing on purchasing the best diamond engagement ring in London.

Where can I buy an engagement ring?

Many people have different qualities they look for in buying an engagement ring, from how big you want your ring, the clarity and cut of the stone, to how much it is.

In London, there is a wide selection of places you can choose from, these range from cheaper jewellers from high street brands such as H Samuel, Goldsmith’s and Ernest Jones.

If you’re looking for something more mid-range, there are a large selection of independent diamond stores within Hatton Garden – the heart of diamond jewellers district. Most of the stores within Hatton Garden offer traditional engagement rings and handmade engagement rings to choose from. Most of what Hatton Garden have to offer will be similar from store to store so it is important to have an idea of what qualities you want from your engagement ring.

Finally, London’s Bond Street hosts a range of the luxury brand’s from Cartier, De Beers and Tiffany’s if you have an unlimited budget. These often offer top quality traditional engagement rings.

Luxury Engagement Rings

Now we know three different places on where to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring, let’s talk about the best place to buy one. If money isn’t an issue, then one of the best places to buy an engagement ring would be a luxury store based off of Bond Street such as Cartier.


Cartier is a French luxury goods company established in 1847. Cartier designs manufacture distributes and sells luxury jewellery and watches all over the world. Leading innovators within the industry, Cartier designs and expands their collection on wedding and engagement rings frequently and also hosts a different array of metal choices from White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum, meaning you are not restricted for choice. Cartier also stocks other gemstone rings if a traditional Cartier diamond ring isn’t for you. Cartier also sells GIA certified diamonds.


Tiffany has arguably the most famous and popular setting for an engagement ring, a variant of the prong setting. Created by Charles Tiffany himself in the 1880s, the design is supposed to be highly sought after due to the stunning design and pure elegance. Tiffany coined the term ‘Tiffany setting’ due to its huge popularity as a ‘multi-prong solitaire ring.’ The Tiffany setting ensures the diamond is higher in the setting of the ring to allow as much light possible to refract back onto the surface of the gemstone, creating as much sparkle as possible from the single stone. If you would like a traditional engagement ring, you cannot go wrong with a Tiffany engagement ring.

De Beers

One of the world’s leading diamond companies, and also known for monopolising the diamond market, De Beers was established in 1888 with great expertise in the mining and trading industry of rough diamonds. De Beers was also responsible for coining the famous slogan ‘A Diamond Is Forever.’ De Beers wanted to inspire and persuade young men that diamonds symbolise romance and that there was a correlation between the size of a diamond and a measure of a man’s love. With the exceptional heritage that comes with De Beers, it also comes with a luxury price tag.


Hatton Garden

One of the best place, in my opinion, would be London’s famous Hatton Garden. Situated within Hatton Garden are jewellery shops and also lots of independent workshops. These range from specialising in man-made engagement rings to bespoke jewellery. Hatton Garden has been in the centre of the jewellery trade for over 350 years and I believe, for something you are going to be spending a lot of money on, you want assurance your diamond dealer has the experience and knowledge in traditional engagement rings and fine jewellery.

Other alternatives?

If after getting through this article and you realise luxury and mid-range engagement rings does not suit your needs, there are a lot of engagement rings on offer in the high street brands I mentioned earlier such as Goldsmith’s and Ernest Jones; These stores offer a range of engagement rings at an affordable price.


Established in 1778, Goldsmith’s is a jewellery retailer based in the UK. They have over 120 showrooms across the UK and Northern Ireland. Goldsmith’s engagement rings range from under £500- £5000+, so with a wide selection to choose from, there is something for everyone. Goldsmith’s offers Solitaire, 3 Stone, Halo, Cluster and Proposal rings, with metals consisting of White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. They also allow you to shop by the cut of the diamond.


H.Samuel the jewellers was established in 1862 when Harriet Samuel acquired her father’s clock making and silversmith business. Today, H.Samuel are now part of the Signet Group, who also own Ernest Jones, and have just over 300 H.Samuel stores in the UK. H.Samuel offer Solitaire, Cluster, Halo and Bridal Sets rings, as well as an array of metals including White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. H.Samuel offer rings from £100 – £1000+.

Ernest Jones

Established in 1949, Ernest Jones is a British jeweller and watchmaker with over 150 stores in the UK. Ernest Jones prides themselves on being diamond specialists and offers all types of engagement rings from a cluster engagement ring to a traditional solitaire. They also offer metals from White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. Ernest Jones offers engagement rings from £150 to £1000+.

Should I buy an engagement ring online?

You can always research diamond engagement rings online, although this option is not recommended. Some of the reasons why is you need to see the diamond with your own eyes. Taking into consideration the 4 C’s when buying a diamond, cut, clarity, carat and colour, you need to be able to distinguish which is the best possible diamond for you. We always recommend booking an appointment with your diamond dealer to pursue the best possible options when buying a diamond engagement ring.

Some things to remember when buying the best engagement ring:

  • Always book an appointment and see the diamond yourself, some of the best places to do this would be an independent diamond jeweller or workshop. This helps guarantee you are getting the best diamond for your needs.
  • Make sure your diamond is certified and ethically sourced.
  • Personal recommendations are always a good choice if you know someone who has had a good experience, this could be a good place to start.
  • Do your research – Make sure the product you want is the best suited to your needs.

At Reve Diamonds, one of London’s leading diamond jeweller, we take pride in crafting the best handmade, bespoke diamond jewellery, with a price beat guarantee. We look forward to you booking an appointment with us.