Diamond tennis bracelets are a classical and elegant piece of jewellery that is appropriate to be worn with any style from casual daywear to evening glamour. Sparkling beautifully yet modest, classic but still fashionable, a diamond tennis bracelets makes a very simple yet striking addition to any outfit. Originally called line bracelets or in-line bracelets, the term ‘tennis bracelet’ originated after the 1987 US open tennis tournament when famous ladies tennis champion Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet broke during her match. Evert asked match officials to stop play in order that she could find her diamond bracelet and this search was watched by millions of television viewers worldwide. From this famous incident the name ‘Tennis Bracelet’ was born.

It describes a flexible bracelet made of metal, generally gold, which is set with a row of exquisite small diamonds around the whole band. The bracelet falls close to the wrist making it very comfortable to wear and totally secure, We offer diamond tennis bracelets in several widths that will perfectly suit your wrist size and of course complement your personal style and taste. Once you have chosen your diamond tennis bracelet it is vital that you care for this piece of jewellery correctly to ensure that not only does it retain its stunning appearance, but that the diamonds within your bracelet are protected from potential harm which can not only effect their appearance but can significantly de-value them. Here are some useful tips as an after care guide for your diamond tennis bracelet:


Precious metals that are used for jewellery making are relatively soft; a characteristic which allows it to be designed into different shapes and forms. However, whilst many metals used in making jewellery are often mixed with other harder metals in order to make them more durable and to retain their form, they are still susceptible to being scratched or even damaged during use or even incorrect storage. Wearing your tennis bracelet during activities such as playing intensive sports, hard manual work, undertaking housework or even holding keys, will undoubtedly make your bracelet susceptible to unsightly scratching and damage. Whilst diamonds are famed as being extremely durable and hard, the tips or ends of various diamond shapes are susceptible to damage and therefore need to be protected from hard knocks, blows or falls which may manage to harm the outer veneer of the diamonds.

Try avoiding the activities which will cause your diamond tennis bracelet and other pieces of jewellery harm! Diamonds which are exposed to extreme changes in temperature e.g. from hot to cold and vice versa, can undergo serious harm through the process of thermal shock, and these situations should be avoided at all costs. To protect the beauty of your diamond tennis bracelet always keep it separate from other items of jewellery when being stored. The vast majority of materials are not hard enough to damage diamonds, but the one thing which certainly can damage them is another diamond as they too have their vulnerable spots! Therefore each piece of diamond jewellery that you own should be put away in its own box or compartment in your jewellery box. Ideally you should store items within a leather, cloth or padded pouch, and wrap each piece in tissue paper before placing in the pouch for extra protection. Before putting your tennis bracelet away always wipe it with a soft cloth to remove oils that accumulate from your contact with your skin


Diamonds can easily be damaged by contact with chemicals. Therefore it is a good idea to keep your diamonds away from all chemicals, especially strong ones. Even if the diamonds may be able to withstand contact with these chemicals, the settings that they have been placed within may sustain damage, affecting the beauty and of course the security and safety of your diamond tennis bracelet. The most common way to come in contact with chemicals on a daily basis is during cleaning your home. Therefore when you do the housework always remove your tennis bracelet to avoid contact. The precious metals used in the settings of your bracelet are also sensitive to harsh chemicals and corrosives.

Chlorine, bleach and strong household cleaning and gardening products can cause damage by either affecting the smoothness of the surface or even causing the metal to slightly corrode and become worn. Always remove your tennis bracelet while you shower and if you use a swimming pool or hot tub then always remove your bracelet as additionally contact with chlorine bleach can also dull its appearance. It is always best to apply perfumes, creams, or make up to your skin before putting on your tennis bracelet as if applied directly, and then it stays there, it can be harmful.


One of the most important pieces of after-care advice that we can give is to ensure that you take precautions to ensure you do not lost any diamonds from your tennis bracelet as the main threat to any diamond is that of losing it! To ensure that the diamonds within your tennis bracelet stay safe and sound pay particular attention to the condition of the housing of these gemstones. Prongs are be crafted to be hard wearing but by their nature can be still somewhat fragile.  If the setting of your diamonds is harmed then this could lead to the loss of a diamond.

Be aware that everyday activities such as dish washing, opening/knocking into doors, typing on your PC etc., can lead to damage so try to prevent scraping or banging against your tennis bracelet. Over time and with wear a setting can naturally become loose or weakened which can cause a diamond to fall out of your tennis bracelet unnoticed. To avoid loss of the precious diamonds from your bracelet, we strongly recommend that you check all the settings regularly to ensure that they are not bent or weakened. If you do notice any damage or wear and tear immediately consult a professional jeweller such as the team here at Rêve Diamonds to carry out any necessary repairs.


When in use your diamond tennis bracelet will naturally come into regular contact with dirt and grime from both the natural oils of our skins, makeup, perfume and other environmental factors. It is vital that you regularly wash your diamond tennis bracelet to remove this build-up of harmful dirt and grime. Simply washing your tennis bracelet in a small bowl of warm soapy water or other gentle degreasing solution brushing very gently with a soft clean brush to remove any remaining will undoubtedly help your diamond tennis bracelet to retain its natural beauty and sparkle.  Always remember once clean to dry the bracelet with a lint free cloth and then polish the metal over with the same cloth to produce a dazzling shine.


To keep your diamond tennis bracelet looking at its very best, or if you suspect that the diamonds are coming loose or the settings are damaged, we strongly recommend that you take your bracelet to a professional jeweller such as Rêve Diamonds to be checked, repaired (if necessary) and professionally cleaned. You should never attempt to try to fix any damage to your bracelet at home, especially when the damaged part is the setting for a precious gem or diamond as this could cause irrevocable harm to the piece. When the rhodium plating used for white gold wears away from your tennis bracelet, a professional jeweller can replace this through a process called ‘plating’ or ‘re-dipping’ Slight scratches on a platinum surface may create a “patina” of wear, a satin like film on its surface, which some prefer for its unique, platinum look, or can be polished by a jeweller to recover its shine. Following our simple after-care guide, keeping your diamond tennis bracelet out of harmful situations, taking it to a professional jeweller for regular checking and repairs when necessary are the most important way of ensuring that your diamond tennis bracelet will last forever.