Purchasing an engagement ring for your big day is a special moment. For that dazzling focal point in your ring, not any old precious stones will do. Diamonds, after all, are a girl’s best friend.

double halo diamonds

But, diamonds can be notoriously expensive. 

Or, at least they used to be. In the last five years, lab-grown diamonds have increased in popularity, despite having been around since the 1950s. Indistinguishable from mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds can be a better alternative for your engagement ring, earrings or pendant.

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

You might know lab-grown diamonds by a different name. Also known as man-made, engineered or synthetic diamonds, these gems are manufactured in a lab. The crystal formation in a natural diamond can be emulated by isolating carbon atoms and building up layers onto itself. 

This means that lab-grown diamonds have identical physical properties to mined diamonds and require special equipment to distinguish the two. 

Can you see any difference between the appearance of these two diamonds?


lab grown diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds

natural diamonds

Natural Diamond


Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

We’ve simplified the debate for you, although we can’t tell you if your beloved might prefer a halo or solitaire style ring. Here, we’ve put together the three main reasons why choosing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring is your best option.

1. Better Quality Diamonds for a Better Price

Lab-grown diamonds are known to have fewer defects than mined diamonds. Strains in the crystal structure occur commonly in natural diamonds, causing imperfections in quality and purity. As synthetic diamonds are engineered in a lab, these flaws can be avoided, creating brighter and whiter diamonds.

lab grown diamonds

Man-made diamonds are also 40-50% less expensive than mined diamonds of equivalent quality. Natural diamonds are more expensive due to the De Beers monopoly over the global diamond market and constant high demand.  

Also, naturally coloured diamonds are exceptionally rare, rendering them often exorbitant in price. As lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a controlled environment, you can pick your favourite colour at a lower cost. 

This makes lab-grown diamonds the best option for your engagement ring on a budget without compromising on quality.

 2. Lab-Grown Diamonds Are More Ethical

One hundred and eleven million carats of diamonds are estimated to have been mined worldwide in 2020. This makes it impossible to determine the precise origin of the majority of these diamonds. In war-ravaged countries, ‘blood diamonds’ are gems sold to finance military efforts and are ethically problematic. Diamond smuggling and known instances of massacres at diamond mines have been reported by the Kimberley Process, established in 2003 to remove blood diamonds from the global supply chain.


The advantage of lab-grown diamonds is that we know exactly where they came from, as we made them. This means you won’t have to worry about the source of these diamonds and can enjoy their beauty guilt-free.

 3. Sustainability


The negative impact on surrounding ecosystems is unprecedented, including deforestation and soil erosion. Lab-grown diamonds are vegan and play a part in protecting our planet. Choosing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring is the more sustainable option as diamond growers look to use renewable energy to create gems that are friendly to the environment. 

Is There Anything Wrong with Lab-Grown Diamonds?

You’ve been persuaded to buy a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, but you’re still a little unsure. It seems too good to be true. 

Is there a catch? 

It depends on how you look at it. Lab-grown diamonds are not finite in the same way natural diamonds are, so there is no guarantee that their value will stay the same in the future. 

But, think about your priorities when buying a stunning engagement or eternity ring — are you likely to want to sell it? These pieces of jewellery represent a distinct moment in your life that is to be cherished forever.

Do It for Love

At the end of the day, choosing an engagement ring is a big decision. At Rêve Diamonds, we understand that better than anyone. 

But, we think you might feel better knowing that your diamond engagement ring or wedding band is the best possible option for your budget and your conscience.We have a wide range of stunning diamond engagement rings, including a variety of contemporary and traditional styles to appeal to every discerning taste. Feel confident that you are selecting a flawless diamond for your fabulous proposal or wedding. 


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