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Cluster rings have become exceptionally popular over the past few years, but they are by no means a traditional choice of engagement ring. These rings are perfect for those who wish to add extra sparkle to their engagement band. As you have probably gathered by the name, they feature a cluster of diamonds on the one ring, maximising the glisten.

There are many different types of cluster rings available; you can choose from all diamond shapes and you can incorporate gemstones if you wish to do so. One of the most popular designs is to have a large feature stone that is surrounded by a lot of smaller stones. This is the simplest cluster design, however, it is one that has a huge sparkle. If you want to go for something more unique you could opt for a gemstone in the centre, such as sapphire, surrounded by diamonds.

Cluster Diamond Ring Setting

Another popular option is to combine the style mentioned above, but to add even more sparkle by featuring a cluster of diamonds around the band of the ring. This is ideal for those who want something bold and extravagant. No matter where the light shines, this type of ring is guaranteed to catch it. You can expect the compliments to start flooding in.